About Us

As a real estate investment and development company, Global Property Brokers is an active operator in the three main segments: commercial, residential and hotel property.  We assist our clients, investors and partners in the search, acquisition, exit and property development management life-cycle for these exclusive  investment and development opportunities.

Delivering superior security and returns on your real estate investment; Global Property Brokers will assist and otherwise advise you, our clients in making more informed decisions on how to strategically manage your capital and real estate related transactions.

Operating in exclusive, super-prime locations in the world’s most vibrant and growth orientated cities allows Global Property Brokers to be at the forefront of premium real estate development worldwide. Our role goes beyond traditional real estate agency appraisals and includes the formulation of real estate strategy and execution support, cross-border advice, market intelligence, due diligence and valuation.

Trusted for our integrity and professionalism, central to our success is our firms’ unique senior level relationships with key global players in the property, investment and financial markets. Thus enabling our clients, partners and investors to obtain access to the best deals and advice from across the world.

Our Services

Some of the key features of our real estate capability include:

• Identification, evaluation, and execution of unique off-market opportunities

• Formulate and analyse strategies for structuring and delivering real estate deals

• Development projects, refurbishment or redevelopment management

• Mortgage financing and refinancing of existing property assets, raising debt and equity

• Review of existing real estate portfolios and renegotiating lease terms to optimise value